Monday, October 12, 2015

Climbing back in the (blogging) saddle

(As a long-time horse lover, this post title pun was completely unavoidable. :P)

It feels right, familiar and oh-so-comfortable to be back in the proverbial saddle. 

Two years of writing, creating and photographing for my previous blog was a period of great personal joy.  

Being amongst other ladies who ooh'd and ahh'd over DIY projects, paint colors, vintage goodies, decor and fabrics was like being in a virtual sorority of creative, kindred spirits. 

Now, after a couple of years away, getting back into the custom of blog reading in the mornings is an incredible pleasure these days.   

Thinking about and planning for future posts has me giddy.  (I'll probably be a bit all over the place, but viva la variety, right?) 

Capturing little moments and being behind the camera again is a place I relish.

So with that said, here's a teensy peek at my new cottage home. Due to my incurable sickness/love affair for all things aqua, this little white bungalow greets the world with a can't-be-missed front door painted in Sherwin Williams Aqueduct. And since Aqueduct is such a perfect color, the mailbox got a coat of it as well!

In looking at this photo, it just occurred to me that aqua might just be an outstanding colorful neutral. 

It works for fall decor as the orange is a natural complement to this shade of blue-green.  Red is a classic pair to aqua so Christmas decorations will be a no-brainer later this year. (Not to mention silver accents and winter greenery.)  And even thinking ahead to far-off spring and summer, accents of white, yellow or pink would all work. 

I just picked this color because it makes me happy in my soul.  But it's conveniently serendipitous there are a multitude of ways to dress it up for all the seasons too.


  1. I am so happy your back Erin! I've missed you. I can't wait to see where this new blog will take you.

    I'm loving your front entrance. I am glad it makes you so happy! It looks so colorful and cheerful! perfect for a lady like you.

    1. Hey friend! Thank you for the warm welcome! <3 I've missed you too and was so happy to see you've continued to blog over the last few years! Your creativity and handiness continue to be an inspiration. :)

  2. Love reading your blog posts. I didn't read your other blog, so I may step over there and browse around. Have a happy day.

    1. Hi again, Trine! Hope you're having a lovely start to the weekend and that you enjoy exploring at my previous blog. I had a lot of fun writing there, learning photography, and discovering that I had a creative side after all. ;)

  3. I also agree that it is the perfect door color and I'm hoping you painted the inside too because every time I look at mine it makes me so happy!

    1. Hey Jen! Full confession, it's because of you that I learned about Aqueduct in the first place. :) And, yes, the inside of the door is also painted because life is too short to not have beautiful things all around us.

      I've read (and adored) your blog for quite some time now--even though I mostly lurked. A couple years ago, I had a $7 yard sale dresser in need of a fun paint job and tried Aqueduct since the photos of your door always made me swoon. Sold!

      I still have that dresser, and now this door, and most recently I painted the doors in my candle workshop this shade as well. Paint all the things aqua!

      Thank you for stopping by--hope you have a delightful weekend!