Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The need to be creative


What a hectic couple of weeks!  This is the busiest time of year for my candle business.  And this little cottage industry has been *quite* industrious the last several weeks--for which I'm most grateful and happy (if not bone-tired many nights!)

For me, working with my hands is deeply satisfying and, frankly, vital. Candle-making certainly works well as a vocation for that reason.  Being able to smell all the amazing scents is certainly a perk too! ;) 

But even making candles by hand all day apparently doesn't satisfy the insatiable need to create.  Working on a project--whether it's painting a piece of furniture, crocheting a scarf, dabbling in drawing or stitching fabric--is satisfying at the soul level.  Also, being in the act of creating and making seemingly turns off my brain and its constant thinking.  Creating allows me to be as much 'in the moment' as I think I can possibly be as someone who is perpetually planning and thinking ahead.

However with working, parenting and life in general being so full right now, there's not been much time for fanciful, experimental or new creating. 

I do hope to make some glitter houses in December. That's something I've done in years past using paperboard houses from hobby stores.  I've also used templates--these by Better Homes and Gardens are great and easy to assemble--and cereal boxes to make houses. 

This mini house was made last year with friends and is accented with a cupcake topper tree and deer!

And of late, I've become completely, totally, absolutely obsessed with felt flowers. 

I think it was on Instagram that I ran across The Felt Flower Shop.  

Be still my flower-loving heart!

Felt wildflower corsage from Felt Flower Shop on Etsy

Felt wildflowers on wood letters

Felt wildflower wreath
How charming are these creations?  The colors of felt are incredible, as are the shapes and textures of the petals. Many of the flowers are simply assembled with hot glue.

Having gone through a phase of making coffee filter flowers.  And having an undying flower infatuation, there's something about re-making real, live items in another medium that is massively appealing. 

Fortunately, there is no shortage of tutorials for making all sorts of felt flowers.  Finding tutorials for some of my all-time favorite flowers like dahlias, peonies and cabbage roses was a thrill as I dream about trying a new craft. 

So, sometime after the holidays, in the dead of winter, don't be surprised to find me surrounded by felt petals and strands of hot glue!

What drives your creative passions?  And what are you making--or hoping to make?

Links and sites mentioned in this post are not sponsored.  They are simply things and shops I love and want to share!

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  1. Hi Erin! I am so excited to see that you are blogging again - I love the new name. I can see that your life is very full and fulfilling and you look so happy. Welcome back!!